Friday, April 3, 2009

Whiny, whiny, whiny

My god, Amelia has gotten so whiny! She talks in a whiny voice constantly. Even simple statements become whines: "I have my shoes on." Seriously, enough! I pretend I don't understand what she's saying whenever she whines and she usually immediately changes her tone. Hopefully this is a short phase.

Amelia's third birthday is on Monday. I am very anti-big plastic things, but we had to buy her this cash register/check-out setup. It's huge, and it's ugly, but she will love it. She forces us to play "payer" All. The. Time. so this is perfect. She's hilarious to play with because she takes her cashier job so seriously: always says "have a good day!" At least I know that my good manners are rubbing off on her. Of course this new setup will force us to play "payer" even more. What were we thinking?

Heidi is so smart. She's got the waving thing down pat. We say "hi Heidi" and she starts waving. She also high-fives on cue. Amelia never did that sort of thing. The only thing she's still not responding to is sign language. I think she'll be verbal sooner than Amelia though, so sign language may not be as necessary. Time will tell.


  1. You have to get Heidi to "throw up the horns"...that would be so cool.

  2. We'll add that to Kendrick's todo list for his vacation next week. Thanks for reminding me!