Thursday, December 3, 2009

Heidi's language skills (@ 17 months)

Heidi can now correctly sign:

thank you
all done/gone/finished

These are all the signs Amelia did too, but she understood a lot more. I was much better at signing to her all the time. Now I'm just too busy to teach Heidi... poor second born. At least she's exposed to more spoken language than Amelia was. I actually felt weird talking to Amelia all the time when she was a baby since I knew she didn't understand me most of the time anyway.

Her speech has really taken off lately too. She says: bottle, ball, bounce, baby, no, uh oh, ding, cheese, and shoe (okay so cheese sounds like "chhh" and shoe sounds like "shhh", but it works!). Oh, and she wolf whistles.


Heidi loves to:

- grab some books, climb into bed, pull up the covers and "read"
- give "schnoodles" (cheek to cheek hugs)
- take baths
- talk to and touch animals
- drink from straws
- give me raspberries on my stomach

Amelia loves to:

- get her little sister water and snacks
- play in forts
- pretend to be a mommy
- make cards
- play Mahjong (with the cheat button) on my computer

Heidi hates:

- soap bubbles
- swiss cheese
- Loblaws, but is okay with most other stores (!?)

Amelia hates:

- having her hair brushed
- wearing pants
- someone singing while she's chewing