Sunday, March 15, 2009

TV, sign language, and other things.

So I had my satellite cancelled. It's been one week now and the world hasn't ended and I've only been bored once. So far life is good. It's nice not having to schedule my daily happenings around a pre-determined TV schedule (yes - I often did this!).

I am focusing on teaching Heidi sign language now. We're working on "milk", but she just laughs or high-fives me every time I sign it. Maybe sign language isn't her thing. I think she'll be talking before we know it anyway. Amelia waited a long time before talking so the ability to sign with her was really important.

We had Alli's before-baby tea yesterday. Heidi got her first french kiss. Sadly, the boy is somewhat related to her. Amelia went to Little Rays Reptiles with Kendrick. She's the only kid in our group who wanted to hold the tarantula. I'm glad I wasn't there.


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  2. Way to go Amelia! Holding the Tarantula!