Thursday, May 7, 2009

New cards

The first is a Thank You card for my neighbours, who provided great entertainment for the street party I helped organize. The "thanks" I cut out using my friend's Cuttlebug. I'm thinking of buying myself one for Mother's Day.

Today I made a whole batch of Mother's Day cards. The first is a new card for my Mother-in-law. Kendrick didn't like that my Mom's card was nicer than his... Next time he can make his own. I'm going to give the old one to my sister-in-law.

I made the next one for my sister. I had no "Aunt" stamps, but I figured this sentiment would work. I used my left-over pieces from above card, a stamp from my day at Sheena's, and my new ribbon and brads.

This one I made for my next-door neighbour who I do shared care with. Her kids are the same ages and mine and Amelia likes to call her "Mama".


  1. By the way, I have stamps that say Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, Grandpa, are more than welcome to borrow...or come over for another crafting session!