Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It really does go by quickly...

It's been a long time since I've had anytime, or inclination, to post something. I guess I'd better get my act in gear... Time is passing so quickly. I always scoffed when people told me to "enjoy it, they grow up so fast." The first year with Amelia was probably one of the longest in my life. But now that Amelia is 3 and Heidi is two days away from her first birthday, I couldn't agree more. I know I keep marvelling at how interesting Amelia is, but I just can't get over it! She amazes me everyday with her things she says, the stories she tells, and the amount of knowledge she acquires on daily basis (and the bad things she picks up from me!). She has suddenly exploded artistically. She's so interested in painting and drawing and writing right now. She had no interest in writing or identifying letters until very recently and now she's obsessed with drawing A's and H's and O's. She has suddenly started lying too. I thought that didn't begin until they were much older.

Just today Heidi went crazy with her sign language. I asked her if she could say "mommy" and she smiled and signed correctly. Then I asked her to say "daddy", which she signed mostly correct (touched the side of her head instead of her forehead). Then I asked her to say "milk" and she proceeded to laugh and sign "daddy" again. For the next 5 minutes I asked her to say different things and every time she laughed hysterically and signed "daddy". I was tempted to grab the video camera but I figured she'd stop the game if I left. She is quite possibly the cutest kid to ever live. And I'm not just saying that.

Amelia has been doing really well on her homeopathics. She has been eating fruit again (she even had a real cupcake at Heidi's birthday party) and there have been no major behavioural changes. The only major behavioural change has been the frequency of her tantrums, which have been drastically reduced. These once daily, and often multiple times a day, occurrences have lessened to once a week at the most! I must find some wood to knock on. I'm not necessarily saying the medicine is completely responsible for this, but it does seem awfully coincidental.

Now if we could only get the sleep issues solved...

My life has involved more reading than usual, "How I Met Your Mother" marathons (I would so sleep with Barney Stinson), and the occasional card-making. I'll hopefully get around to posting some more of my cards soon.

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